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Uniting UK spokespeople are available for media interviews and comments.

In addition to those spokespeople listed below, Uniting UK can connect you to other pro-UK and Unionist spokespeople.

"We set up Uniting UK, to help provide a civic unionist, non-party political case for the Union. Our analysis is that political unionism is too focused on short-term tactics to make a strategic pro-Union case."

Philip Smith

"The Union is a great product; poorly marketed. Uniting UK was founded in 2020 to change that."

John Hanna

"The pro-union group makes the case for Northern Ireland as an integral component of the United Kingdom and does so with slick graphics and refreshing honesty. Unafraid to acknowledge the failures associated with unionism, and with a clear aim of appealing to the growing middle ground, the fledgling group is effective in its efforts, and a welcome addition to Northern Ireland’s political landscape."

Emma de Souza in The Irish Times

Philip Smith

Co-founder of Uniting UK, senior manager in the university sector, councillor on Ards and North Down Council and former MLA for Strangford.

Philip has represented Uniting UK on TV, radio, podcasts and in printed media. He has also written extensively on behalf of Uniting UK.

John Hanna

Co-founder of Uniting UK, project and change manager in the third sector, trade unionist and former field organiser for Britain Stronger in Europe during the 2016 EU Referendum.

John was in primary school when the Good Friday Agreement was signed. He believes that the principles of the Agreement should shape how we talk about Northern Ireland’s future.



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