Corporate Strategy


How Our 2024-29 Strategy Was Developed

The strategy was developed over the 12 months of 2023.

Working with partners and people involved in our projects including Vision2031, we used data and experts by experience to identify unmet need.

Through this, we identified where Uniting UK could have the greatest impact.


Northern Ireland in the UK:

  • provides the best economic, social and political arrangement available to us.

  • delivers the opportunities and resources to realise our potential.

  • amplifies our voice and impact on the world stage to address global challenges.

Unionism in Northern Ireland:

  • celebrates the diversity of our people and our cultures in a shared Northern Ireland, as part of a shared UK.

  • shares opportunity, responsibility, and prosperity in an inclusive Northern Ireland, as part of an inclusive UK.

  • pledges itself to work with all the people of the UK to improve our country and secure our future.

  • seeks to serve and unify a diverse Northern Ireland and a diverse UK.

The people of these shared isles:

  • share a common history and a common future, underpinned by common cultures and values.

  • understand that we are so closely interdependent and interrelated that the success of each depends on that of the other.

We will act and advocate:

  • purposefully: we will handle our resources with the stewardship they deserve, mindful that this effort is fuelled by the gift of other people’s time, money, relationships, and reputations.

  • respectfully: we respect one another on this team and we respect every individual we encounter, including our competitors.

  • truthfully: internally and externally, our effort will be characterised by fidelity to the truth.


  • A more united Northern Ireland in an even better UK.

  • A UK where all of us celebrate our unity and our diversity.

  • A Northern Ireland where all of us recognise and value our role and our standing as part of the UK.

  • A Northern Ireland where all of us will feel inspired to act and have access to what we need to advocate for Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK.

  • A Northern Ireland which nurtures a sense of belonging and welcome to all.

  • A Northern Ireland where pro-UK people are better connected and more empowered.


  • Bring people together and build a movement to back Northern Ireland.

We’ll Focus On

  • People’s needs: protecting our most vulnerable from the costs of constitutional change.

  • Community cohesion: protecting our unity and our hard-won agreements from the costs of constitutional change.

  • Positive vision: promoting our positive vision of a more united Northern Ireland in an even better UK.

Our Key Ten

  1. We’re better off in: Northern Ireland is economically, socially, and politically better off as part of the UK.

  2. We achieve more together: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have more impact and are stronger together.

  3. Our shared enterprise: The success of each part of the UK depends on each part playing their full part.

  4. Our shared accomplishments: Each part of the UK can take pride in our cultural, sporting and diplomatic impact.

  5. All together now: Today’s unity has a proven track record.

  6. Together for tomorrow: Together, we are more resilient and safer to face future challenges.

  7. Lead; not leave/repair; not reject: Northern Ireland can be bold in leading by example and creativity to improve the UK.

  8. Unite people; not land: The unity of Northern Ireland and the unity of the UK guide our work.

  9. A shared home: Northern Ireland belongs to all of us, the UK belongs to all of us and these shared isles belong to all of us.

  10. A secure future: Northern Ireland’s brightest future rests within the UK.

How We’ll Do It

  • Better understand Northern Ireland’s role and standing as part of the UK through research.

  • Back Northern Ireland and its people in the public square.

  • Articulate the hard-won economic, social, and political success that is today’s Northern Ireland.

  • Prioritise the unity of Northern Ireland in our work.

  • Promote constructive and meaningful relations across these shared isles.

  • Advocate for change with people at the centre of decision-making.

  • Convene and coordinate pro-UK communities, organisations and other pro-UK advocacy groups.

  • Provide knowledge and tools to equip pro-UK people.

  • Ensure that the spirit of our agreements is embedded in everyday practice.

  • Reject both ‘No Change Unionism’ and ‘No Compromise Nationalism’ as false choices and want to work with people from all political backgrounds and none across Northern Ireland to achieve the progress we all deserve.



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