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Welcome to UnitingUK. We are a people-powered, pro-Union campaign for a united NI in a better UK; sharing ideas of how together we can make the UK, a uniting UK.

Unity in Diversity

We believe that the UK is more than a Union of nations; it is a Union of people whose diversity should be celebrated.

Power in Membership; Power in Partnership

We believe that Northern Ireland’s membership of the UK and partnership with the South benefits all of us.

Islands in Agreement

We believe that you can’t have UK Unity or Irish Unity without NI Unity. Our Agreement sets the tone of our campaign and NI Unity will always take precedence.

Work in Progress

We believe that the UK needs work and we want to fix what’s broken.

NI in UK

We believe that Northern Ireland’s place in the UK amplifies our voice and impact in the world. The UK is a partnership and we must ensure the value that Northern Ireland brings is communicated with the other UK nations.

It’s Simple: People Make the Union

Founded in December 2020, UnitingUK is a cross-party, cross-community campaign group, making the case for continuing Northern Ireland’s place as an integral part of the United Kingdom. We aim to educate, communicate, research and campaign to show the benefits of being part of the UK.

There is more talk of a border referendum than ever before as issues such as the outworking of Brexit, a second Scottish independence referendum and an unstable Stormont dominate the headlines. Even a former First Minister has warned that Unionists should not be in denial and must prepare for a future border referendum. In this context, there have been many arguing that someone should do something. UnitingUK has therefore been founded to do that something and be a voice for a progressive, positive and peaceful Northern Ireland in a better UK.

UnitingUK aims to help build a united Northern Ireland where we all strive to make this place work. This means protecting our Agreement, being inclusive and respectful, and adhering to good governance. We are doing this by building a diverse coalition of people, from all walks of life, who want to build a positive future for our country.

We believe that only membership of the UK provides us with the resources and opportunities to build that better Northern Ireland and to amplify our voices on a national and international stage. In the months ahead, we will reach out to people across these islands to promote Northern Ireland’s place in the Union, to sell the benefits of the United Kingdom and to persuade those open to the arguments that the UK provides the best future for all of us.

Our Approach

🤝 We unite people by prioritising NI unity.

🤝 We resource people who believe that Northern Ireland’s membership of UK is mutually beneficial.

🤝 We share ideas of how we can make the UK, a uniting UK.

🤝 We tell stories of what we achieve when we work together.

🤝 We fix things that are broken, from climate change to international aid, from our relationship with Europe to the House of Lords.

🤝 We need you to join us as we work together to unite people, share ideas, tell stories and fix things.

in the Press

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