New Century; New Vision

A new approach to find new answers for a united NI in an even better UK.

Our Strategy for 2021-31

Northern Ireland’s facing challenges.

Let’s find answers: together.

Facilitating conversations, capturing responses, and sharing solutions.

What is Vision2031?

Vision2031 seeks to develop a grassroots vision for a shared NI in an even better UK.

The Vision2031 Consultation is open to all. Your input will enable us to develop a new people-powered, pro-Union strategy for 2021-31 and beyond. Over to you.

We need everyone to get involved in making vital decisions about our lives and our society. Your experiences, views and ideas will feed into practical and achievable plans for change.

You can find our Vision2031 Consultation via the button below.

New Century; New Vision

A new approach to find new answers.

A Grassroots Strategy

The start to Northern Ireland’s Centenary year has highlighted the need for a new pro-Union strategy.  Uniting UK wants to develop a positive approach that will build on and sell the strengths of the Union. The Centenary provides an opportunity to produce a new plan to ensure we sustain our position within the United Kingdom and build a better Northern Ireland for all. With your input we want to create Vision2031 that will provide a roadmap to develop and grow the pro-Union majority view in Northern Ireland.

A new strategy must answer two key questions: how do we strengthen the Union and how do we create a more successful Northern Ireland?

We are asking Unionism to get out of the political weeds, to look up and think about where it wants to go over the next decade and beyond. The Union has tremendous strengths, but they need to be packaged and communicated effectively. We are seeking a wide and diverse input from organisations and individuals who are supportive of the Union and want to build a better Northern Ireland for all.

We want your thoughts on how Unionism can improve, how a pro-Union message can be better delivered and, most importantly, how this can be developed over the next decade and beyond.

So, if you want to grow the Union, if you have views on how Northern Ireland can work better, if you want to improve things for all of us, give us your input and make your voice count. The best birthday present Northern Ireland can receive is a way forward to secure its long-term future. Over to you.

Not me. We.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about Vision2031 or Uniting UK, you can reach out to us.

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