We believe that Northern Ireland is economically, socially, and politically better off in the UK and that our brightest future rests within our Union. The UK is a country united by ambition with opportunity for all and our Union proves that we can achieve more together.

For a Shared NI in an Even Better UK

Towards a More Inclusive and More United UK

UnitingUK is a pro-Union campaign group based in Northern Ireland.

The group was founded in 2020 to articulate a positive vision for our Union to all who call Northern Ireland home. UnitingUK also aims to promote our Union across all of the UK as well as providing a challenge to organisations seeking Border Polls and a United Ireland.

We Believe

Northern Ireland’s Membership of the UK:


Provides the best economic, social and political arrangement available to us.


Delivers the opportunities and resources to realise our potential.


Amplifies our voice and impact to improve our Union, and our world.

Our Vision

A shared Northern Ireland in an even better United Kingdom, where we promote common values through constructive and meaningful relations across our Union, and across the island of Ireland.

Not me.


Our Mission

  1. Articulate a positive vision for Northern Ireland, and our Union.

  2. Uphold Northern Ireland as an economic, social, and political success, for all our people.

  3. Promote constructive and meaningful relations across our Union, and across the island of Ireland.

  4. Engage Civic Unionism to shape the future of Northern Ireland, and our Union.

  5. Amplify unheard voices.

  6. Advocate for change in Northern Ireland, our Union, and our world.

  7. Celebrate our people, our pluralism, and our place.

  8. Unite people in a shared Northern Ireland.

Four Nations.

One Team.


Our key contributions on radio, podcasts and debates.

Email us at press@niin.uk

BBC Radio 4

Féile An Earraigh

100 Years On: Time for Constitutional Change? 4 March 2021


We’ve colour-coded our key articles below: purple dates mean that UnitingUK wrote the article and blue dates mean that UnitingUK contributed to the article.

Email us at press@niin.uk

The Independent

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